Benefits of Digital Coaching

Benefits of Digital Coaching

Benefits of Digital Coaching, also called elearning     Here’s the thing – sitting down with Anne one-on-one is what a lot of people want and need in a coaching experience…but you might be different because not everyone wants to do face-to-face coaching   Just the thought of it can be overwhelming for some people…you […]

The things I do

The things I do » Benefits of Digital Coaching

The things I do to bounce back from challenges and crappy days – I am Anne McDowell, The Positivity and Transformation Specialist   When I can’t be in water, I listen to water such as the waves crashing at the beach   When I can’t play music, as I have done since I was about […]

Stop the drama Llama

Stop the drama llama

Stop the drama Llama. Picture this – a drama-free zone where good vibes rule. Does that describe your life right now? If not, it’s time for a rewrite, and we’re flipping your narrative to focus on empowerment, growth, and positive energy. Letting go of drama and focusing on problem solving is not just about finding […]