Anne McDowell Consulting

The Postivity + Transformation Specialist

As a mindset, change and resiliency coach, I help people to positively transform their lives by coaching them how to change their thinking and cope with, get through, and bounce back from tough situations via:


  • one-to-one coaching and
  • digital coaching (elearning) 

Anne McDowell, MHRMan&IR

Mindset, that is how and what you think, is not so much about what you tell yourself when things are great – anybody can ride that positivity wave – it’s more about how you pick yourself up, re-group and move foward when things are not so great.


Anne is a 2 x international award winning Author in the positivity and mindset space, with her book “Creating Eternal Optimism: Redesign Your Thinking and Transform your Life in 30 Days”


Anne helps people to stop dwelling in, and retelling their drama stories as this keeps them stuck, and helps them concentrate on becoming a problem solver, not a problem dweller and reteller.  Anne’s tag line is “Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured”  


If you feel that your life is more about endurance than enjoyment, then Anne as The Positivity and Transformation Specialist, is the person you need to talk to, to bounce back and reclaim your happiness, your purpose and your zest for life

Areas of Expertise

Anne’s life purpose is to help people understand, cope with, and bounce back from changes they did not ask for, and learn how to live and thrive again 


With a Master degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (majoring in leadership and organisational change), and a background in developing and delivering adult training/coaching, she does that for both individuals and organisations in many different professional ways with:

Digital Coaching - ELearning

Anne is proud to unveil a dynamic shift in your access to her coaching – digital elearning – so you can access Anne’s Masterclass, Individual Topics and “Learning Bites” change and life coaching wisdom (no AI) in more powerful bursts any time of the day, or night!


If you like podcasts but want/need visual content so it makes more sense, and then have the solutions to your problems presented to you, then digital coaching (elearning) programs are definitely your thing

Click on the photo to take you to a new window for each program’s pricing and to start your learning journey to coping with change!

Payments will be processed using Stripe, and the electronic mp4 file will be available to you via download/stream via Sendowl

Note:  “Learning Bites” is a condensed version of the bigger individual program, designed to be a 15 minute snapshot that you can watch in, say,  your lunch break to help you get through your challenging day – enjoy!

Individual Coaching Topics

Workshops + Premium Packages

Mindset Makeovers - Get back into the driver's seat of your life!

Redesign your thinking and transform your life to one of happiness and fulfillment

Bouncing back from life's challenges

Jump into the 'The Resiliency Revolution', and how to stop the 'mud of life' from sticking

Stop resisting change and get on with your life!

Learn how to manage, embrace and cope with unexpected and forced change, so that you can get on with your life

3 Pillars to Self Mastery/Leadership

Inspire, lead and manage yourself, your motivations and how you regulate yourself to take action

Surviving Redundancy

Avoid the 3 mistakes that people make when redundancy strikes, intensive confidence and interview skills coaching, plus Resume and Cover Letter development

Career Coaching and Guidance

Anne also offers many professional services as a Career Coach on her other website such as:

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