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Coaching and

Coaching and elearning with The Positivity and Transformation Specialist gets you back into the driver’s seat of your life 


Change can be a complex and emotional journey – please know you’re not alone


I lead these coaching and elearning programs with empathy because you are unique, and will have your own set of challenges that we need to bust through


Life’s full of surprises – not all of them are pleasant!  Unleash your inner resilience warrior, and learn how to bounce back stronger, faster, and more fabulously than ever before…..Spoiler alert: Resilience is your secret power!

Face-to-Face or remote COACHING

Anne welcomes bookings for face-to-face or remote sessions during her normal business of 9 – 4pm Monday to Thursday (Sydney time)


Sessions can be held in her home office in Fletcher, and after hours by appointment 


digital coaching - Elearning

Anne offers her coaching as Digital eLearning Masterclasses, Individual Topics and “Learning Bites” wherever you are in the world


Digital products are streamed or downloaded – available at her Sendowl store

Services Provided

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching can be in:


  • 1 hour
  • 2 hour or
  • 3 hour sessions


either in Anne’s home office in Fletcher, or by Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

Individual eLearning

ELearning digital coaching is available in:


  • Masterclasses
  • Individual Topics
  • 15 Minute “Learning Bites” 


Stream or Download as a Digital Product

Individual 3 hour Workshops



  • 3 hour sessions/workshops


either in Anne’s home office in Fletcher or remotely by Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype 

Premium Packages - Workshops + Coaching



  • 3 hour sessions/workshops + coaching


in person or remotely on Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype + 3 x 1 hour intensive coaching sessions 

Organisational Consulting

Organisational Coaching can be in:


  • 1 hour
  • 2 hour or
  • 3 hour sessions


either in Anne’s home office in Fletcher, or by Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

Organisational Coaching

Organisational coaching can take place in:


  • 1 hour
  • 2 hour
  • 3 hour sessions/workshops


either at the client’s premises or by remotely on Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

3 hour Courses/Workshops

Organisational Courses/Workshops can be in:


  • 3 hour sessions/workshops


at client’s premises or remotely by Teams, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational Speaking on a variety of topics take place in:


  • 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour sessions/workshops


in person or remotely by Teams or Zoom or Skype 


Mindset + Resiliency Coaching

I transform people's lives! I help people redesign their thinking and makeover their mindset, with effective and reusable strategies, in order to transform their life!

Change Coaching + Facilitation

Change is a constant and we do like change when we can choose it - what we don't seem to like is being changed/forced to change by someone/something else. In those times, and in times of constant change, I help people to cope with, manage and embrace change

Happiness + Life Coaching

Happiness is what our modern world strives for. Sometimes our lives go according to plan, and sometimes they don't, and I help people to get through the challenges so you get back to being happy with your life

Self-Leadership/Personal Mastery

Being a leader in the 21st Century is about self-leadership, that is intentionally influencing yourself, your feelings and actions towards achieving your goals, without waiting or needing others to inspire you. Learn my "3 Pillars of Self-Mastery"

Executive Leadership Coaching

Leadership is about positively influencing the activities of a group towards achieving the same goal. So what does a leader do? Leaders share ideas and talk about the goal in a way that excites, inspires and encourages others to work together

Redundancy/Outplacement Coaching

Redundancy and Outplacement coaching/counselling is for people who have experienced redundancy and involves coaching in coping with change, career guidance about what's next, Resume development and interview coaching

Premium Packages - Workshops + Coaching

Experience Anne's relaxed, warm but intensive personal development workshops

where the emphasis is on solving your problems and greatest challenges
Across all Courses you will:
  • be guided, challenged and be free to explore the issues that are most concerning to you
  • learn how to stop the cycle of negative thinking so that you stop drowning and come up for air
  • learn how to flip your negative thinking into positive so that you stop the mud of life from sticking
  • learn how to bounce back from life's challenges without falling apart every time something happens
  • learn how to cope with changing circumstances so that you can tackle any challenge that comes your way
  • learn how to recognise what needs to change so that you stop repeating actions that no longer serve you
  • concentrate on your topic area so that you learn strategies that will free you and stop keeping you stuck
  • enjoy 3 x 1 hour intensive coaching sessions to hone in, address and problem solve your greatest concerns
  • receive a signed copy of Anne's interactive book which contains 101 strategies to continue to transform your life!

Mindset Makeovers - Get back into the driver's seat of your life!

Redesign your thinking and transform your life to one of happiness and fulfillment

Bouncing back from life's challenges

Jump into the 'The Resiliency Revolution', and how to stop the 'mud of life' from sticking

Stop resisting change and get on with your life!

Learn how to manage, embrace and cope with unexpected and forced change, so that you can get on with your life

3 Pillars to Self Mastery/Leadership

Inspire, lead and manage yourself, your motivations and how you regulate yourself to take action

Surviving Redundancy

Avoid the 3 mistakes that people make when redundancy strikes, intensive confidence and interview skills coaching, plus Resume and Cover Letter development

Workshop/Course Outline

Development of Learning/elearning

As an Instructional Designer of learning, Anne has developed learning programs on over 50+ topics over her learning design career.


She now primarily concentrates on the developing learning/elearning programs for organisations on the topics below – however, other topics can be developed upon organisational need (hover over image to reveal topics):

Inspirational Speaking and Writing

Anne - 2 x International Award Winning Author

Creating Eternal Optimism: Redesign your thinking and transform your life!

I love helping people live happier lives by helping them change the way they think! My book contains 101 strategies to help you redesign your thinking and transform your life

Inspirational Speaking

Resilience, Change, Mindset Makeovers, Positivity and Leadership

International (USA) Expert on-line speaking Summits - 2016 and 2017

Australian Expert face-to-face/on-line Speaking Summits 2016 - 2020


common questions

Coaching is a very personal, relaxed, safe, collaborative and wonderful approach to talking about and solving problems.


Coaching is more than a ‘get it off my chest’ talk-fest. That’s fine too, but the word coaching implies that you want some help to fix the problem.


Coaching is very different to therapy, as therapy can focus purely on reflective self-healing, whereas coaching is more postitive, active and at times energetic, and allows for insight to be shown to the person on specifically what needs to change, and how to do it.


Coaching is interactive, and requires the person to try out new ideas, make adjustments, implement and take action in their lives in order to see a change, make an improvement, or enhance a situation.


Anne’s expectation is that the person coming to coaching is prepared to honestly talk about the issues, and also to listen to actually change and make things better. 


Coaching is a very individual thing, and everyone is different. Some feel that they want only one session for a little boost, and others feel that they want/need more, with more sessions closer together.  


There are no rules about time in between sessions, however it is important to give yourself time to take the action steps outlined so that you are gaining maximum potential benefit from each session

Each session is one hour long, and you can book sessions in:


  • 1 hour
  • 2 hour and
  • 3 hour blocks/workshops

Coaching is about what is worrying you and how we get you back on track, therefore what we discuss is private and confidential, as long as why you are here is not the consequence of laws being broken or any illegal activity that you have been directly/indirectly involved in. That would not remain confidential and would be reported to law enforcement.


Where your organisation arranges you to come for coaching, then feedback in general terms is given in line with recognition of their payment of your sessions.



Email or phone Anne to briefly discuss your situation – she will then make suggestions about what coaching session you would benefit from, and make suggestions as to dates/times available and outline the payment required.


Anne will then send you a confirmation email with this information, along with how to pay, you then pay for the session at least 48 hours prior so she can prepare, and then you arrive at her home office on the designated time/date, or log in virtually at that time.

Workshops can involve having other people join in if they are available at that time, or they can be run just for you


So if you see something you want to do, you don’t have to wait for others!

All coaching starts at AUD$350 per hour, and will vary according to the type of coaching you are receiving.


All bookings are made in: 

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hour and
  • 3 hour blocks
  • 3 hour workshops are costed separately

Anne’s home office is located in Fletcher, Newcastle and address details will be provided upon confirmation of appointment

Coaching provides you with an opportunity to talk about your situation and what is worrying and upsetting you. 


It is important to be able to talk about your situation and feelings with honesty – the good and the bad – Anne is not there to judge, but to understand and help you fix whatever is wrong.


You may not know what your feelings actually are when you first come to coaching – you might feel a bit all over the place and you just feel like you need to get everything out – that’s fine because that is what Anne is there to help you discover.


It might help you to bring a notepad (or however you take notes) for your own benefit – Anne takes notes of some key points of the session and emails them to you after the session – it’s like a to do list of what next.


It is important to come to coaching with willingness to fix the problem – talking about the problem is one thing, but coaching implies that you want help to fix it.

Yes of course!


The most important thing for Anne is that she is able to help you wherever she can.


Have a chat to her about what you’re thinking and may need help with, and she will make the recommendations about what would suit you best.



Premium Packages of Workshops + Coaching can involve having other people join in the Workshop if the timing suits them, or they can just be for you.


As the coaching is 1:1, it is specifically tailored to suit you, so if you see something you want to do, you don’t have to wait for others to be available!