Is there another way?  Yes, of course there is!


Anne understands that apart from the overwhelm that you may connect to one-on-one coaching,  you might also be pulled in hundreds of different directions, and time isn’t always on your side


Coupling that with the thought of travelling to coaching, and then spending time there, and then getting back home can make you feel that despite your best intentions, it’s just too hard and you just don’t do it


And then guess what, the problems are still there because it’s just too ewww….


As a problem solver, Anne has come up with a solution to your problem – her Digital Coaching programs, also called elearning

Anne helps people to positively transform their lives by coaching in many forms, including online learning, to help them change their thinking and cope with, get through, and bounce back from tough situations


Anne focuses on the people-side of change, and her programs are practical, real and help you get to where you want to be – out of the pain and feeling miserable, and onto possibility and hope


This will help you get back to be your normal fabulous self, and live your best life again, feeling even better than you were before


Choose from Masterclass,  Individual Topics and  15 minute “Learning Bites”


  • Original content by Anne, a thought leader in change – no AI here!
  • Narrated by Anne across 3 change topics
  • Reflective Learning Journal activities
  • Practical Tips at the end of each topic
  • Narrated by Anne, you can absorb the program at your own pace
  • Over 500 pieces of thought connected to how to cope with change in the Masterclass

Available on or my Sendowl shop:


    • Imagine feeling the relief of leaving the unnecessary stress behind

    • Stop overthinking and feel peace, not anxiety and drama

    • Learn the practical steps to go from drama to serenity

    • Learn when it is better for everyone not to know your side

    • Your worries do not have to live with you!

    • Fully narrated by Anne, a Mindset, Change and Resiliency Coach
    • Love Australian accents? You’ll love Anne coaching you in this program