Change is a good thing right? We live in a world that is constantly changing, and some changes are so painful that we can feel overwhelmed and anxious, and definitely not our normal selves – in fact, sometimes it feels like we will never be the same again as the feeling never goes away and nothing seems to get better. So how do we cope with, and bounce back from, the changes we didn’t ask for?

Anne McDowell Consulting is proud to unveil a dynamic shift in your access to Anne’s coaching – online learning – so you can access Anne’s change and life coaching wisdom (no AI) in more powerful bursts any time of the day, or night!

Change – some changes are easy, and others, well, let’s just say they can be painful. Anne has found that we do like change when we can choose it – what we don’t like is being changed/forced to change by someone/something else, and this can upset how we function

We all go through tough times, but it’s what and how we think, and what we do when times are tough that really make a difference to how quickly (or not) we get through the pain.

Anne helps people to positively transform their lives by coaching in many forms, including online learning, to help them change their thinking and cope with, get through, and bounce back from tough situations. Anne focuses on the people-side of change, and her programs are practical, real and help you get to where you want to be – out of the pain and feeling miserable, so you can get back to be your normal self, and live your best life again, feeling even better than you were before.

This program is a Masterclass, designed to really deep dive into what change is, why it can hurt so much, and most importantly, what do to step by step in getting through to the other side. These are Anne’s personal tips, and the strategies she uses to get through painful change.

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    • Authored by The Positivity and Transformation Specialist, Anne McDowell

    • Original authentic content developed from 21+ years as a thought leader

    • Anne’s expertise – supported by a Master of HRM (leadership + change)

    • Fully narrated by Anne, a Mindset, Change and Resiliency Coach

    • Over 500 pieces of thought (no AI) connected to how to cope with change

    • Part 1 – Bounce Back – from the change you didn’t ask for

    • Part 2 – Stop The Drama Llama – be a problem solver, not a problem dweller

    • Part 3 – From Surviving to Thriving – how to bounce back from life’s injustices

    • Reflective Learning Journal activities in each topic

    • Practical Tips at the end of each topic

    • Stream or download – your choice!

    • Hit the pause button often, to absorb the full power of the thought

    • Love Australian accents? You’ll love Anne coaching you in this program

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