how do I Know I'm feeding myself the right thoughts?

How do you know if you're feeding yourself the right thoughts? »

It really is very simple. 

Firstly, it is about self-awareness, and being aware of your feelings and your self-talk – you know, that little voice that plants seeds of doubt in you, or criticises what you look like in the mirror etc. 

As an empath, I find that I can feel emotionally heavy if I hear or see too much negativity. As a mindset coach and counsellor, being an empath is an incredible gift, however it also can be emotionally challenging, so I have to be very aware of how I am feeling in any moment, so I can give the best to my clients, but also give the best to myself which in turn helps my clients. 

So, I am totally self-aware (not self-absorbed!) of what I’m feeling or telling myself, so if I hear that voice, I instantly recognise it, create a diversion, shut it down and switch my activity or thoughts to something I love to do. 

I might get up from my desk and go out into the sunshine for 5 minutes, or go and give the garden some water, or exercise, or call a friend. It’s not about denying the feeling, it’s about giving myself time to get myself back to balance, so that I can handle it effectively.

It’s also about surrounding yourself with positivity – positive messaging, upbeat vibey music (no sad ballads please!!) inspirational quotes, beautiful touching stories etc. 

If you are surrounded by negativity, such as office gossip, world news and problems, then it has a heavy effect on our souls. 

Just remembering that I have choices is the most positive thing – we can choose to feed ourselves positivity or not, but it is a choice we have the power to make!