I will never ever teach you to side hustle

I will never ever tell you to grow your social media audience by folding laundry

I will never ever say that my coaching will show you how to make 7 figures

I will never ever say that my digital courses will make you a star

I will never ever make you famous


Because my coaching and digital coaching courses are about real life and your mental health, not fads and fantasy – scroll on by if you are chasing that elusive unicorn my loves, because that’s sure as hell not my thing – but feisty and passionate about your mental health? You betcha sweet pippi!


I am The Expert in the seriously cool sh!t that no one talks about – you know, the actual real life skills that help you survive this 21st century game of snakes and ladders….sometimes you get a ladder up to the next level, jump ahead a few spaces and things are spectacular, only to find yourself falling into the snake pit of despair the next because something unexpected happens and life goes terribly wrong for you.  That, my loves, is what’s called real life


I am the Expert in coaching and teaching you the resilience skills that help you bounce back when your relationship break-up leaves you in a million pieces, when you get blindsided at work and overlooked for promotion because some incompetent sucks up to the boss better than you do, and when you suddenly lose your income because the economy is down the toilet 


Not to mention the times you were betrayed by someone you trusted, who left you squashed like a bug on the road, and the empty promises of making more money or more likes from someone whose online gimmick worked for them 6 weeks ago and now it is as old and obsolete as a dinosaur because the algorithm changed.  You know, the real sh!t that messes with your head, actually leaves an emotional or financial scar, and that brings you so low and disillusioned that you can’t imagine ever being happy again


When that happens, where are those people who made such incredible promises of wealth and social media popularity?  Did they coach you how to cope with the constant changes you didn’t ask for in life?  Did they teach you how to stop the drama and focus on problem solving? Did they show you how to thrive when you were only just surviving?  Betcha sweet pippi they didn’t – they just disappeared into the puff of smoke and mirrors that social media is…leaving you to pick up the millions of pieces of your shredded dreams


So the next time you see a reel, a story or a post that promises to make you more money or rocket your social media audience with another fad, you have an important choice.  You can chase the unicorn, or choose to invest in your mental health and equip yourself with the life skills that will remain with you long after the latest online fad turns to crap and the algorithms change and mess with your head…and your wallet – your choice my loves


So if you care about your mental health like I actually do, then think about this – I guarantee I will never ever 


  • tell you how to sell 7 figures – my coaching and courses will help you cope when you don’t
  • make you a social media star – my coaching and courses show you how the smoke and mirrors are messing with your mind
  • grow your audience – my coaching and courses will help you claw back from being maligned online


My coaching and digital courses are filled with:


  • practical steps that help you bounce back from the changes you didn’t ask for
  • strategies for developing your mindset and your ability to cope with changing and challenging circumstances
  • strategies for shifting your focus away from drama and onto solving problems
  • strategies for developing positive energy in your life so that you can go from surviving to thriving


I  am The Positivity and Transformation Specialist and I care about your mental health, not about making you rich and famous


I am The Expert in helping you cope with, and navigate through the game of snakes and ladders that is called life


Email me on anne@amc.id.au 


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