Stop the drama Llama. Picture this – a drama-free zone where good vibes rule. Does that describe your life right now? If not, it’s time for a rewrite, and we’re flipping your narrative to focus on empowerment, growth, and positive energy.

Letting go of drama and focusing on problem solving is not just about finding quick fixes but developing a mindset that looks at problems as something that can be fixed, rather than feeling lost and helpless. When we get bogged down in the mud of the drama, we lose our perspective and everything seems so much worse than it could be. We talk to everyone, and everyone has their own perspective, and sometimes, their own agenda. In the end, all this does is make everything worse. Do you want to get back to being fabulously you?

Anne McDowell Consulting is proud to unveil a dynamic shift in your access to Anne’s coaching – online learning – so you can access Anne’s change and life coaching wisdom (no AI) in more powerful bursts any time of the day, or night!

Change – some changes are easy, and others, well, let’s just say they can be painful. Anne has found that we do like change when we can choose it – what we don’t like is being changed/forced to change by someone/something else, and this can upset how we function.

We all go through tough times, but it’s what and how we think, and what we do when times are tough that really make a difference to how quickly (or not) we get through the pain. If all we do is talk about our problems to anyone and everyone who will listen, then we have completely lost our focus – instead of trying to fix the problem, we become problem dwellers and retellers©

Anne helps people to positively transform their lives by coaching in many forms, including online learning, to help them change their thinking and cope with, get through, and bounce back from tough situations. Anne focuses on the people-side of change, and her programs are practical, real and help you get to where you want to be – out of the pain and feeling miserable, and onto possibility and hope. This will help you get back to be your normal fabulous self, and live your best life again, feeling even better than you were before.

Available on or my Sendowl shop:

  • Imagine feeling the relief of leaving the unnecessary stress behind
  • Stop overthinking and feel peace, not anxiety and drama
  • Learn the practical steps to go from drama to serenity
  • Learn when it is better for everyone not to know your side
  • Your worries do not have to live with you!
  • Original content by Anne, a thought leader in change – no AI here!
  • Fully narrated by Anne, a Mindset, Change and Resiliency Coach
  • Love Australian accents? You’ll love Anne coaching you in this program


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Change is a good thing right?